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How Brooklyn Women Go From Flab to Fab in 90 Days or Less


Take your body back with Brooklyn’s best and only boot camp for women

Take Our 7 Day Jumpstart Challenge!

Let’s be honest…You’re here because you’re fed up with:

  • Constantly buying new clothes to fit your growing frame
  • OR wearing frumpy clothes because your old cute clothes no longer fit
  • Trying diet after diet only to have the weight come back if you lost anything at all?
  • Spending money on expensive meat market gyms but never seeing any results
  • Feeling irritable and exhausted ALL THE TIME
  • Big thighs, bulging belly, and jiggly arms
  • Not fitting into your skinny jeans
  • Your busy schedule/kids/partner keeping you from getting fit and feeling your best

Am I right?

Wondering why you should come here?

HIIT Based Training

High intensity interval based workouts designed to maximize your body’s fat burning potential

Make a Real Lifestyle Change

We’ll take you step by step to make real changes in your lifestyle. Say bye-bye to fad dieting once and for all

Nutrition Guidance

Some people need to take it for a week, to someone two, and someone one day, immediately for half an hour before a possible sexual intercourse (taking into account the fact that Priligy starts to work in half an hour and its effect lasts for a day).
When you join our program, not only will you get our super duper easy meal plan, you’ll be guided through the whole process

Get Toned

Tired of being a flabby wimp? We’ll show you how to add muscle WITHOUT getting bulky so you can have tight, toned arms, thighs and butt

Conquer Your Cravings

Discover the insider secrets to overcoming those pesky cravings once and for all

Fit into Your Skinny Jeans

Are you hiding your best clothes in the back of the closet in exchange for frumpy dumpy sweat pants?

The Ultimate Community

Unlike big box gyms, you are not a number and you don’t have an ID card.  You make friends here. Every person in your class is on a similar journey. When you succeed everyone succeeds. The trainers and classmates are right there with you, every step of the way.

Don’t take my word for it

Success Stories

Awesome Coaches

At your back, you have not just one but a team of coaches by your side guaranteeing your success. Our team members have extensive backgrounds in a variety of fields including dance, martial arts, Crossfit, post-natal training, acrobatics and more to keep you on your toes with creative, fun, and SAFE workouts. Whether you need hand holding or a strong kick in the pants, our team delivers. And we’re actually nice here. Firm. But nice. This is not the “get in your face screaming until your cry type” program. But the “You CAN do this, you just gotta go harder than you think and we’re gonna push you to do it” type program.

So, what are you waiting for?

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