Baseball Jerseys For Sale Class Schedule & Location – Personal Trainer Fitness Boot Camp Brooklyn

Class Schedule & Location

We are located at 10 Whitewell Pl. at Carroll St.

Take the R train to Union St.

Class Schedule

November 2017

Boot Camp: The most intense arm toning, tummy flattening, cellulite erasing, energetic and FUN class on the planet. Take your body back by lunging, pushing, and running your way to sleek new you.

LIFT: Small group personal training sessions that focus on the mechanics of weight lifting in order to build strength and muscle tone, boost metabolism, and correct imbalances that hinder performance.

Trainer’s Choice: muhahaha

Gauntlet: Strength & Conditioning style boot camp class with a focus on developing dynamic strength, toning, and total body conditioning utilizing high intensity intervals.

50/50: Combination of strength and conditioning and flexibility, recovery and injury prevention. The first half of class is an intense workout. The 2nd half of class focuses on foam rolling, stretches and exercise to relieve common aches and pains.

Killer Kardio: High Intensity Interval Training that doesn’t stop. This heart pumping boot camp class is designed develop stamina, burn a ton of calories and optimize your metabolism.

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